King 11

how to play


Welcome to King11, One of the popular website embracing sports to give users with wonderous experience.

King11 is a fantasy sports website which demands the appropriate techniques and tricks to play the game. To get exception fantasy sports experience one must require sports knowledge and skills. Using King11, you can choose your team made up of real players for cricket, Football, Basketball, Tennis, and others.

Earn point with your own team by following “How to Play” steps and experience the expertise of players. Watch your players score and make you the winner in the comfort of your home using our King11 Android/iOS mobile app.

Steps to Get Started

Step 1

Select a Match

Select any of the upcoming matches and participate in the game by showing your skills.

Step 2

Create Your Team

Use your sports expertise and showcase your talent to create your King11 team within a defined credit point and categories. You can check players information and add players in your team as per the defined categories.

The categories are:

WK - Wicket-keeper

BAT - Batsmen

BWL - Bowlers

AR - All-rounders

Select the players for your King11 team from defined categories.

Step 3

Select the Captain & Vice Captain Wisely

Get a chance to earn based on your selected Captain and Vice Captain field performance.

Step 4

Add Cash

One must add cash in King11 wallet in order to play and participate in the contest. Money in your King11 Wallet is divided into 3 categories.

1. Unutilized :- The amount which you have deposited in the account but not joined any league using this amount.

2. Winning :- The amount of money earned by winning the cash leagues.

3. Cash Bonus :- The amount which cannot be withdrawn but can be used to join any public league given by King11.

Step 5

Participate in the Contest

Get the ultimate playing experience by joining any of the King11 free or cash contest to win the cash using your sports knowledge and skills.

Step 6

Track & Withdraw your Winnings

Watch the real match and track your fantasy scorecard using King11. Instantly withdraw the money you have won from your King11 account just after winning the match.